Ninja Classic 150 & 200 Introduction

Ninja Classic 150 and 200D Operational Video.
Learn how to start making money with the #1 selling portable carpet cleaner today!

Ninja Classic 200 & 500PSI Extractor

Learn the basics about the Ninja Classic 200PSI and 500PSI!

E1200 Hard Surface Cleaner

Esteam’s E1200 Hard Surface Cleaner is a multi purpose extractor designed for hard surface and carpet cleaning.

Esteam E200 Pro Spot

Functionality, and how to Use the E200 Pro Spot for spot removal.
The right machine for the right job.

Esteam External Heatermate

Add a boost of heat to your portable extractor with Esteam’s External Heatermate!

The Esteam Flood Master 001,150 & 200

Features, functionality and how to use the Esteam Flood Master to extract water.

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